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The course is an out-and-back course that begins in front of Inline plastics at 44 Canal Street in Shelton, CT. The blue line shows the course on its way out and the red represents the return trip. The course starts heading east on Canal Street, then passes under the Route 8 Bridge and onto the Shelton Riverwalk. it traverses the Riverwalk in a westerly direction to the War Monuments, where it turns left and heads up Cornell Street before turning onto Howe Avenue. In the center of Shelton, it turns right onto Bridge Street and the Derby-Shelton Bridge, where it enters Derby and turns right onto Main Street heating east. After one block it turns left onto Elizabeth Street and stays on Elizabeth Street to the intersection with Seymour Avenue and Water Street. At that point runners will make a 180-degree turn and retrace their steps back to the finish line. To take a virtual tour of the entire course, click here

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