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2020 Registration is Open!

Runner Shirt Pickups - November 24, 2020 Only

If you didn't get your race shirt, contact Ann Wheeler at 203-924-7462, or email, to arrange pickup by 2 pm today. We do apologize for any inconvenience--multiple emails were sent, but our new system apparently had a problem. There will be no pickups after 2 pm today. Thank you for running with us this year, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Register by November 18 to receive a race shirt and bib. Registrants after November 18 can still participate, but will not receive a shirt or bib.

The 2020 Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5k is taking place, but it will be a virtual format.


Why aren’t you running an in-person race?

With the restrictions of COVID-19 still in place, the logistics of  proper safety and social distancing of 800 runners simply isn’t feasible. A virtual format allows us to still hold this beloved Valley race, with the benefit of letting those who are out of town on Thanksgiving run as well.


What does Virtual Format mean?

Virtual Format means you can run anywhere you choose, anywhere in the world, within the time frame of our race as long as it equals 5k (3.1 miles).


How do I run in this virtual race?

Register for the race (click the Register button above), and download the RaceJoy app. Turn RaceJoy tracking on right before you run your race.

What is RaceJoy?

RaceJoy uses your phone’s GPS to track you while you run, giving you progress alerts and providing your official time. Family and friends can “watch” you run on the app, tracking your progress along your route, and they can send you virtual “cheers” as you run.


Do I have to use RaceJoy?

No. You can use RaceJoy to track your time (and for your friends and family to track you as you run) or you can use your own watch or app to track your time and submit it manually on the results page.


Is there a charge for RaceJoy?

No. RaceJoy is free to our runners and spectators.


When is the race?

Run any time between 8 am on Thanksgiving morning (November 26, 2020) through 8 pm on Sunday (November 29).


What is the race route?

There is no official race route this year—you pick where you want to run. As long as your route equals 5k, you can run it for this race. Please do not run our usual race route—the roads will not be closed for us.

How do I know my race route is a 5k?

  • Use a route-mapping website, such as GMap Pedometer or MapMyRun, which use Google Maps to help you plot a route

  • Try an app like MapMyRun, RunKeeper or Runmeter which have GPS capabilities to measure your route

  • With a bicycle--if you have an odometer, set it at zero and ride along the route


Will I be timed?

Yes. RaceJoy uses your phone’s GPS to track your time as you run. If you do not use RaceJoy, you can submit your time manually on the results page.


How do I get my results?

Race results will be posted on our website in the days after the closing of the race window, and will also be available through our timer, FastTrack Timing LLC, on their website and in their mobile app (available on the Apple App store).


Do I get a race shirt and runner bib?

Yes! All runners will receive a long-sleeve runner shirt and race bib.


When do I pick up my shirt and bib?

You’ll pick your shirt and bib up at the Boys & Girls Club in Shelton; dates will be announced. If you are not able to pick up your shirt and bib, you can send someone else to pick up for you. Shirts and bibs will not be mailed.


Are there prizes?

Since everyone will be running a different course, there is no way to get an “even” result for all runners. Therefore, there will be no prizes this year.


How do I participate?

  • Click the Register button at the top of this page

  • Download the RaceJoy app on your phone (available for both Apple and Android devices)

  • RaceJoy will guide you through their fast and easy set up

  • Turn on RaceJoy’s tracking before you run your race route

  • RaceJoy has a video tutorial, here


How do my friends and family “watch” me race?

  • Friends and family must download the RaceJoy app

  • RaceJoy will guide spectators through their fast and easy set up for spectators

  • Once RaceJoy is set up on their device, users can send you “cheers” in the days leading up to the race

  • Users can track you while you run the day of the race

  • RaceJoy has a video tutorial, here


What are the registration fees?

We have the same low fees again this year, including a discount for our students and no fee for our 70+ age group! There are no refunds once you have registered; however, if something happens and you can't run, you can transfer your registration to another runner for a $5 fee. Contact Ann Wheeler if you need to transfer your registration at (203) 924-7462,

$10 - High School Students

$10 - Grammar School Students

$25 - Holstein Division

Free - 70 and Older

$25 - All other runners

Registration includes race shirt

Registration goes up to $30 for all runners on November 18, 2020

Runner bib pickup at the Boys & Girls Club - One Day Only!

November 22, 2020

12-4 pm


Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley

Raymond P. Lavietes Clubhouse

1 Positive Place

Shelton, CT 06484

See Google Map below for directions

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