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Contact for Questions:

Marvin Miller - 203-676-0186 -  BGCLNVSoccer@gmail.com

START DATE:  Wednesday, December 4, 2019

END DATE: : Saturday, March 28, 2020



1. All registrations received through 1/8/2020 have been processed and all players have been put on teams or assigned to that division's waiting list. 

2. Registrations are still OPEN, but we have very limited space available.  We are only filling open roster spots in each division. See below for details by age division.

3. Players not assigned to teams who have paid have been identified to the club office and refund checks will be mailed soon.


4. Outstanding registration payments should be made as soon as possible.  A late registration fee will be added.



Our Academy Division focuses on introducing the players to the game through fun activities that help teach fundamental ball control skills.  Players will be put in "teams" and have assigned coaches.  As the season progresses, Academy teams will play coach-supervised scrimmage games against each other, but our primary focus is on skill introduction and development..

In all our other divisions, teams will have 3 training sessions in the month of December, each session lasting for one hour.  After the holiday break, formal league play begins and we play only games.  One game per week, with the session lasting an hour.  During March, we offer a championship tournament in our Juniors and older divisions, with medals for the members of the winning team and the second place team.  In our Mites Division, we offer some special surprises on the last day of the season!


Contact Marvin Miller at the number/email above before registering.


Academy Division (4 and 5 year olds; Saturday morning play)

This division is an instructional division that teaches soccer fundamentals through fun games and activities.  Sessions will last one hour and will take place on Saturday mornings.  Maximum number of participants will be 80 players.

Registration Status: 2 Spots Available  

Mites Division (6 and 7 year olds; Saturday morning play)

This is a co-ed division that plays on Saturday mornings.  There is one practice per week through the year end.  Games begin after the first of the year. Maximum number of participants will be 96 players.

Registration Status: 5 Spots Available

Juniors Division (8 and 9 year olds; Saturday late morning/early afternoon play)

This is a co-ed division that plays on Saturday mornings and afternoons.  Maximum number of participants will be 88 players.  

Registration Status:  4  Spots Available 

Intermediates 1 (10 to 11 years old; Week night play)

This is a co-ed division that plays on week nights, Monday through Thursday..    Earliest start time will be 6:00 PM and last game ends by 9:00 PM. Maximum number of players will be 66 players. Should sufficient female registrations be received, we will look to create a separate division for girls.  

Registration Status: 5 Spots Available

Intermediates 2 (12 to 13 years old; Week night play)

This is a co-ed division that plays on week nights, Monday through Thursday..    Earliest start time will be 6:00 PM and last game ends by 9:00 PM. Maximum number of players will be 66 players. Should sufficient female registrations be received, we will look to create a separate division for girls.  

Registration Status:  6 Spots Available  

Seniors (14 to 18; must be in high school; Week night play)

This is a co-ed division that plays on week nights, Monday through Thursday..    Earliest start time will be 8:00 PM and last game ends by 10:00 PM. Maximum number of players will be 80 players (70 boys maximum and 30 girls).  .

Registration Status:  GIRLS Status - FULL. No further registrations accepted.

                                    BOYS Status -  FULL.  No further registrations accepted.



Register online by clicking on the registration link below.  Only online registrations accepted. Registration begins on Friday, 10/25/2019 and ends Friday, 11/22/2019 or until a division fills. Registrations accepted after 11/22/2019 will be only on a space available basis and are subject to a late registration fee.

When registering, you will be placed in one of the age divisions described below.  Players who will turn 6, 8 and 10 years of age between 12/1/2019 and 1/31/2020, will be assigned to the next older division.  For example, a 9 year old boy, born on 12/15 will be placed in the Intermediates 1 Division, since he will essentially be 10 years old when formal games begin.

Additionally, players who turn 14 in this same time frame, but are still in middle school, will remain in the Intermediates !! Division.  You must be in high school to play in the Seniors Division. 


$65.00 per player; $75.00 after 11/22/2019. Late registrations are not guaranteed a roster spot

Payment must be in the form of cash, check or money order only. It may be paid at the front desk of the club house or mailed to the Boys & Girls Club, 1 Positive PIace, Shelton CT 06484. Make checks payable to “Boys & Girls Club” and note “Indoor Soccer” and the player's name on the check. Note: Registration is not complete and players won't be assigned to a team until payment is made.



Potential coaches/referees must download and complete the “Indoor Soccer Volunteer Form” found at the link below. Mail it to the address shown on the form. You are agreeing to a Background Check to be conducted by the Boys & Girls Club.

We enthusiastically encourage high school age players seeking to earn community service to step up and take one of our Academy, Mites or Juniors teams. We give 1 hour of service credit for each hour of coaching completed.  .Academy coaches are given 1.5 hours of service for each hour of coaching completed.  To earn these credits you must agree coach the entire season.


You may also earn community service by serving as an official in our program.  For those interested in earning extra money, we do pay our officials a  very competitive rate.  All officials are required to attend a short clinic in December and pass our officials' exam.


Team sponsorship is greatly welcome and can be done for $125.00 per team. Your sponsorship will earn your your name sponsors' name on the gym sponsor board, your sponsors' name on the team shirts, and recognition on the club website's soccer page. Your sponsorship is tax deductible.



Playing Equipment/Dress –

Appropriate dress for player safety is required.  Players will not be allowed to participate if they do not comply.  There will be no exceptions:

•Players must wear shorts, except when playing goal.  

•Players must wear shin guards with socks over them.  The socks must completely cover the shin guards.

•Players must wear court shoes, tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes. No cleats or turf shoes.



Shirts will be distributed before the first game of the regular season in January.  Players must wear their assigned team jersey or they will not be allowed to participate.


Water and Refreshments 

With the exception of plain bottled water for players, no food or drink of any kind is allowed in the gymnasium or spectator area, regardless of container. For Mites players, only closed top water bottles may be on the gym floor.  Screw on cap water bottles are not allowed. For all other divisions, there are to be no water bottles on the gym floor at any time. You will be asked to leave the gym if you violate this policy. 


Player Benches and Spectator Seating –

The last section, furthest from the gymnasium entrance, is reserved just for players and coaches. Players are reminded that they cannot enter or leave the playing court by climbing over the short wall.  Enter and leave only through the door or substitution area. Spectators should not sit in the last section of bleachers.  Spectators are not allowed on the gym floor at any time, unless summoned by an official. Parents are responsible for the behavior of children who are attending the games as spectators.  Children who are not members and found in other areas of the club will be asked to leave the premises. Horseplay in the locker rooms will not be tolerated.  The games rooms, weight room and auxiliary gym are closed to players and spectators unless they are regular members of the club. Players are reminded that they cannot enter or exit the gym



All games start on time.  Playing times will be adjusted as necessary to stay on schedule.  See our playing rules for further details. Coaches are strongly advised to ensure players have arrived and are dressed to play at least 15 minutes before the start of their scheduled game.  No post-game team activities and meetings inside the gym.  Feel free to use the television viewing area and the snack room for these needs.


Inclement Weather 

In the event of program cancellation, notification will be posted at the top of this page. In case of cancellations less than one hour from your game time, you will be called by your coach.  If you have not received a cancellation call within 30 minutes of your scheduled start, you should come to the club. During inclement weather, players must wear shoes for the outside weather and change into their playing shoes after entering the facility but before entering the gymnasium.  Players in wet shoes will not be allowed to participate.  Games that are rescheduled, may not be rescheduled into the normal day and times the division plays.

Program Links and Documents:


2020 Laws of the Game - Mites Division

2020 Laws of the Game - Juniors/Intermediates/Seniors Divisions

Master Team Assignments - 12/17/2019  

Team assignments can be found by clicking the link above. If you are placed on a waiting list, your team number will be "WL". If you are on the waiting list, you will be contacted by your coach  when placed on a team.  We will close out all waiting lists on 12/21/2019. You will not be required to pay until you are placed on a team.  Any player on a waiting list, who has paid the registration fee, will be processed for a refund after 12/21/2019..


Master Schedule - 1/8/2020 

The Master Schedule has been revised to reflect the additional teams placed in our Juniors and Intermediates Divisions. Game times for 1/11/2020 and beyond are changed.  .    

Division Standings and Playoff Brackets


2019  Seniors Division Final Standings (3/1/2019)

2019 Seniors Division Playoff Brackets (Through 3/12/2019)

2019  Intermediates 1 Division Finals Standings (3/1/2019)

2019  Intermediates 1 Playoff Bracket (Through 3/12/2019)

2019 Intermediates 2 Division Final Standings

2019 Intermediates 2 Playoff Bracket (Through 3/12/2019)

2019 Juniors Division Final Standings

2019 Juniors Division Playoff Bracket (Through 3/11/2019)


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