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Welcome to 2019 Summer Camp!

Our Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse runs a weekly Summer Camp in our air-conditioned Clubhouse at 28 Howard Avenue. Our Camp is certified by the State of Connecticut, and our staff are certified in first aid and CPR. Children are separated by age, and each group has its own activity schedule. Groups rotate through our building and grounds throughout the day, giving everyone a chance to play in our gymnasium, gamesroom, arts and crafts room, and computer room, and in the field outside. Thursdays are our field trip day, where members venture out to such locations as Lake Compounce, Quassy, and Roller Magic. On Fridays, there is always something special after the free lunch cookout, such as Wacky Water Day, Field Day, or Club's Got Talent. 


Though this site gives an overview of our Summer Camp program, parents must read our Summer Camp Parent Handbook (click on the image to the right) for complete information about our policies.


Hours (Monday-Friday)

7:30-9 Drop Off

7:30-8:45 Breakfast

9-6 Program

6:00PM Clubhouse Closed

                                                                                                                                      Click HERE to view Health Form


Prices are determined by which grade your child is entering in the upcoming school year.

$165 per week K-2nd grade

$150 per week 3rd-8th grade

$75 per week per child for additional siblings 

$25 per week 9th-12th grade

*child must have completed Kindergarten



There is a $25 late fee for payments received after 6 pm on Thursday the week before the child attends camp.
Weekly rate only, no daily rates.  


Required for Registration (for new and returning members)

Registration is all online. Registration is not complete until payment and all necessary forms have been received. It is the parent's responsibility to follow up if they are unsure. You will NOT receive confirmation of registration.


Registration is not complete and child may not attend camp until we have ALL of the following:

  • Completed online membership application at

  • Completed physical form, including immunizations

  • Completed Authorization for the Administration of Medicine form for campers with meds like epi-pens or inhalers. This form must be signed by the doctor and approval for meds to be self administered must be checked off. This form may be obtained from Breon Sanders, Unit Director, and it must also be returned to Breon. Children requiring these medications may not attend camp without this properly completed form.

  • Care4Kids Child Care Certificate or FULL tuition payment

  • Scholarship application (for those denied by Care4Kids)

  • Full week's tuition payment


Registration Deadline

The deadline is 6 pm on Thursday the week before your child attends camp. Your child is not registered until all the required documents and full tuition payment are received; see registration information above. You will not receive confirmation of registration; parents must follow up if they are unsure. There will be a $25 late fee applied to all payments received after 6 pm on Thursday the week before your child attends camp.



Care4Kids applications can be found on the Care4Kids website at, or you may call them at 888-214-5437. The Boys & Girls Club does not provide Care4Kids applications. Parents/guardians must complete the Parent Provider Agreement before bringing it to us to complete our portion. When it is ready, we will call you to pick your form up so you can send it in. The Boys & Girls Club will not fax or mail any Care4Kids forms in. When registering, if you have not yet received your Child Care Certificate, the full tuition amount must be paid, and the full tuition amount must continue to be paid until the Child Care Certificate is received. When the Child Care Certificate is received, parents must contact Taylor Maynard, Membership Coordinator, to discuss the balance they will be responsible for paying. Care4Kids does not always cover the entire tuition, and if this is the case parents will be responsible for the balance. If there are any reimbursements due to you for payments made while waiting for Care4Kids, reimbursement will be made after Care4Kids reimburses our Boys & Girls Club. Please be patient as this reimbursement could take several months.


Late Pickup Policy

Once the summer camp day ends, our staff leave the building. We rely on parents to pick their children up promptly. Should parents be late for any reason, there will be a $10 late fee if you arrive between 6:01-6:15, and an additional $5 will be charged every 15 minutes thereafter. This fee must be paid the next morning or the member will not be allowed to attend camp. No exceptions. Repeated violations could lead to termination of camp enrollment. Please see the Summer Camp Parent Handbook for complete policy. 



Campers may have the free breakfast and lunch are provided by our Boys & Girls Club, or they may bring their own food from home (please label all your child's belongings with first and last names). Please note we are not a peanut free facility.


Medication, Allergies

If your child requires an epi-pen or inhaler, a completed Authorization for the Administration of Medicine form must be submitted with the medication. Children requiring these medicines may not attend without one of these properly completed forms. The Boys & Girls Club does not accept or administer any other medications. We will, however, make reasonable accommodations for a parent or guardian to come administer any medication that may not be self administered by your child. We must know of any medications your child takes, even at home, in case of emergency. This includes sensitivities or allergies. Authorization for the Administration of Medicine form's may be obtained from Breon Sanders, Unit Director, and it must also be returned to Breon. Please note that we are not a peanut-free facility.



We will offer field trips throughout our summer camp. All trips are optional and require permission slips. Our Special Event calendar will be available prior to the start of camp with the complete schedule and cost for each trip. Once camp begins, our website will also have the most up-to-date trip information. Check frequently throughout the summer for additions and changes at



Click the Register button to register for our Summer Camp

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